Automobile Remote Key Fob DIY Repair

Broken automobile key fobThe plastic loop holding the metal ring on my car remote car fob kept breaking and I unsuccessfully tried to reglue it. Below I explain how I made a more permanent solution using a small screw eye attached to the top of the key fob.

This repair is relatively simple and can be completed in 15 to 30 minutes.

Material used for this repair

1. Small screw eyelet. Use your judgement in selecting the size. Mine is a small size. Any hardware section of most stores will carry a blister pack of various sizes. The smaller you use, the smaller hole that needs to be made..

2.  A small drill bit sized slightly smaller than the size of the threads on the screw eyelet. I have a small pin vice that I used to drill the hole.

3.Some glue. I used cyanoacrylate glue available at most stores in various name brands such as Loctite, Crazy Glue, etc.
screw eyelet
drill and drill bit


drilling key fob  Using your drill and bit, carefully drill a hole into the thicker part of the plastic where the broken loop used to be. There is a circuit board inside your key fob, therefore becareful to select a location that will not drill into the circuit board.
Broken key fob  Add some cyanoacrylate glue to the eyelet threads and screw the eyelet into the hole you made.
Repaired auto key fob When the glue is dry, attach your key ring through the eyelet of the screw you attached.